Offended ex-wife

Dear Queenie,

  I have been divorced for a long time. My ex-husband works part-time for several different employers. At a recent party for our daughter’s birthday he turned up in dirty shorts and T-shirt, not even his work clothes, and he didn’t just smell bad, he stank. I told him I needed a better view for my camera and tried to move away, but he followed me. I just couldn’t get away from him.

  Queenie, what can I say to him without making him mad?—Offended ex-wife

Dear Offended,

  I cannot guarantee there is anything you can say that will not make him angry, but if you tell him the truth he may just be grateful to you even if he does not admit it. And there is no reason your daughter cannot speak to her father about this as well if she was as embarrassed (and offended) as you were.