Dear Queenie,

  My ex-husband and I were together for almost 20 years before we got divorced a couple of years ago. We have 2 children and he isn’t a very good father either, but lately he has been coming by to see us and once when I was out he stayed late until I came home and then we slept together because I don’t have a spare bedroom.

  Now he comes around every day and wants to stay all night, and he has asked me to marry him again. I said “no” but he keeps asking.

  Queenie, what can I do?—Ex-wife


Dear Ex-wife,

  Do not sleep with him again. When he visits, insist that he leave as soon as the children have gone to bed, or even before that.

  And if he wants to see the children when you are going to be out, drop them off at his place and pick them up on your way home, or hire a babysitter if you are going to be out late and make sure the sitter sends him home when the children go to bed.