Divorced mother

Dear Queenie,

  When my son was 13 years old I had to move to the United States for my job, so I let him go to live with his father so that he could stay on the island that had always been his home and would grow up with a good male role model. (I divorced his father because he cheated on me, but he was always a good father to our son.)

  My problem is that his father’s new wife has told him that I abandoned him and didn’t want anything to do with him anymore, so I haven’t heard from him for years even though I tried to keep in touch. I think his stepmother doesn’t give him my letters and I know she won’t let me talk to him on the phone.

  Queenie, how can I let him know I still love him and I want to hear from him?—Divorced mother


Dear Mother,

  Ask your son’s father to tell him that you still love him and miss hearing from him.

  If your son goes to high school or college away from home, you may be able to contact him there and tell him yourself. If he has already graduated, you may be able to get his address from the alumni association, and if he has any Internet presence on social media you may be able to contact him that way.

  I wish you good luck.