Open letter to the Electoral Council


For those contemplating registering a new political party to participate in the upcoming elections the Electoral Council needs to urgently provide clarity on the following matters:

What is the deadline for new parties to register?

LB 24/406 of May 27, 2024 is silent on this matter. It does state, however, that postulation date is July 2, 2024. According to Article 16:2 of the Landsverordening registratie en financien politieke partijen the deadline for new parties to register is six weeks before postulation, which was, May 20, 2024. This makes it impossible for the Electoral Council to register new parties as the deadline has already expired. We have been informed that the government website mentions June 17, as the deadline for new parties to register, but we know this cannot be lawful as this is only 2 weeks before postulation.

Is the Electoral Council going to follow this suggestion (June 17, 2024) or follow the law?

There is no LB in which this decision is established. If true, would the Electoral Council and new parties seeking to register be lawfully bound by an informal announcement? Should this decision not be made known by placement in the Landscourant in order to have force of law?

Which deadline is the Electoral Council going to honor, and why?

This matter is all the more perplexing because the LB under consideration states: “dat de regering hierbij rekening heeft gehouden met de mogelijkheid voor politieke partijen om zich te registreren en om de bepalingen zoals voorgeschreven in de Kiesverordening na te leven.”

If Government wants to comply with the law, as it states, would it not be contradicting itself if it attempts to unlawfully shorten the period mentioned above, by four weeks?

Fortunately, instead of just pointing out the problem, we have come up with a solution, the Pro Soualiga Formula, which allows all the required legal steps to be taken within 90 days without violating a single law. We are prepared to sit with you to discuss this important matter.

There can never be any justification for violating the constitution, especially if there is a solution readily at hand. Both Ministers and Parliamentarians have taken an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. That oath is presently being, in our opinion, lightheartedly violated, because there is a solution readily at hand.

Renate Brison


Pro Soualiga Foundation

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