The most dangerous election

Dear Editor,

Quick snap elections are very dangerous. First of all, the electorate is tired and confused, leading to unclear decision-making in a period where there is no hope.

The masses of people in St. Maarten are feeling hopeless. This makes it easier for new politicians with ulterior motives to capitalize on and deceive many.

My intention is not to dictate who to vote for or not to vote for. Voters must be aware that their choices have consequences.

My objective is to help them make the best decision based on the candidate’s character.

Let’s clarify what character means. A person with good character is someone who will not steal even if presented with the opportunity. On the other hand, a person with a bad character is someone who will steal when given the chance. It’s important to look at a candidate’s past to see if they can be trusted, observe how they treat their family, friends, and co-workers, and understand their belief system and biblical worldview.

While education is important, having an education does not guarantee good intentions.

This is the challenge in politics, as it’s a common misconception. It’s crucial to consider a candidate’s belief system, biblical worldview, and lifestyle when making a decision.

Most people have a misconception of what evil is. Evil is people who pursue policies that are not good for mankind and will make laws to protect evil, for instance the promotion of transgender and drag queens dancing and drag queen reading books to our children. Evil is to dress the image that represents ungodly values and make it look good so the masses would accept it. That is evil.

Evil is allowing our young boys to dress in their pants below their bottom and make it become normal and a way of life. The young girls believe that is a good boy and they become deceived.

The human nature is already corrupt and endorsing values that promote what God forbids is evil.

The real question for the electorate is what is important for them. Do the voters want candidates who only care about the economy but nothing else, or do they want people who will promote a moral value lifestyle?

The leader of a country’s lifestyle is very important because the image is left for future generations to follow. Do you want an atheist, transgender, or homosexual to lead your country?

If so, please realize that will become the norm.

This statement I now quote I do not approve of: “If you want somebody who can make you rich at all costs vote for Satan.”

The media need to ask the right questions to learn about the candidates’ character.

Some questions to consider asking political candidates are:

* Do you believe man is basically good? If yes, why?

* Do you think we need to believe in God to be a good leader? If no, why?

* Define what a good quality lifestyle is.

* Does character matter in being a leader?

* If education is the key, how come many educated politicians continue to deceive people?

* Does education alone qualify a candidate to be a leader?

* Does a leader’s lifestyle matter? If not, explain why.

* If a person in your political party who is a parliamentarian or a minister is corrupt, would you ask him to resign with the threat of exposure?

* If you believe in the country above yourself, would you vote with the opposition if their objective will benefit the masses of people in St. Maarten?

* If something is morally wrong but can make you rich, would you approve of it?

In conclusion, this election is the most dangerous, and voting for a candidate will have consequences.

The candidate you vote for tells a lot about who you are.

The patriot Miguel Arrindell

The Daily Herald

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