Choices have consequences!

Dear Editor,

From late last year to the present, we have seen political drama in action. When events like these continue to happen, we as people must check ourselves.

We continue to choose people who stand for nothing and view politics as a steppingstone for their financial success.

I assure you this will continue. After all, we the electorate demand nothing of political candidates and continue to vote because they are told to exercise their so-called democratic rights. The justice minister should investigate if any financial transaction had taken place between the suspected politicians for instigating the fall of the St. Maarten government.

Most or all parties have no political ideology and the individuals in the political parties have weak characters that allow themselves to be used and abused.

The leader of any political party is an example of what to expect from that party. The people who he or she allows in the political party tell you if his or her judgment is bad or good.

The character of a good leader is not only in education, but also in the manner the leader speaks to people, addresses people, and how they respond to people when they meet resistance and when others disagree with them.

If the leader of any political party wants attention to be always on him or her, move away from a person as such.

If the leader of any political party thinks only, he or she should and must make all the decisions you know to avoid people as such.

The electorate must vet the political candidates before voting for them. The challenge with the St. Maarten electorate is that they do not understand the problem in St. Maarten politics and why.

You cannot fix a problem if you do not identify it. And the problem is the electorate of St. Maarten. Your bad choices create the consequences that exist in St. Maarten.

The electorate of St. Maarten does not hold and demand accountability from political candidates.

The electorate of St. Maarten must find out what is important for St. Maarten. If you do not define what is good, how can you choose?

We continue to get wolves in sheep's clothing because we do not define who is a wolf from who is a sheep.

Every candidate should be asked about their stance on various issues, then you know what to expect and what kind of character they have.

But in St. Maarten, the media are afraid to ask those questions. A question that should be asked is, "Do you think a man is (basically) good and if he or she says yes, ask why?

Ask all candidates to tell you their moral values and why they believe they are fit to serve the electorate of St. Maarten.

Is having a decent lifestyle important to be a leader and does it matter? Is the character and lifestyle of a leader a good living example for the future generation? Does believing in God matter to be a good leader?

Most countries in this world are in turmoil not because leaders do not have education. It is because the leaders in this world have evil objectives. The top 1 percent in this world are rich and highly educated, but the problem is that their character is to control, dominate and deceive. The most dangerous people are evil educated people. A fool cannot hurt you, but an intelligent person with evil intentions is the person who will hurt you. That is why character and lifestyle matter.

Conclusion: Choices have consequences! Choose wisely!

The patriot Miguel Arrindell

The Daily Herald

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