Open letter to government

Dear government,

  You are our (elected) boss.

  You told us recently – if the newspapers are right – that the government has no money left in stock at the end of October 2020.

  Without any additional communication from you, this keeps us wondering how we (civil servants) have to pay our bills starting from the end of October 2020,

  I feel people around me being very unsure because of this issue. Is our major employer being able to pay its dues? It gives a lot of tensions!

  This is in fact the same question that many other employees have (not being civil servants); how long may they expect to be paid by their employer?

  The communication plan about this important matter by the government seems to be simple; there is none!

  Day by day, people try to reach me and ask me about my expectations of government actions, and I have to be honest; even as direct advisor to the Minister I have no clue at all about future decisions and their consequences for the people of St. Maarten!

  Mind you, how I am feeling! I try to comfort those in problems who are asking me for clarity (which I unfortunately cannot give because as a civil servant I am not aware of any direction the government is intended to go). I even give them a ride privately leaving from the government parking space in front of the government building to SXM hospital, and some private money for those convincing me not being able to pay any medicine needed!

  To be fair; from one day to another I feel more and more being working in a third-world country! People surrounding me because they know I am from the government asking me what the future looks like, because they hear really nothing from those who should protect them. What is plan A, B or C as promised by our Prime Minister?

  We have unfortunately seen nothing up till now as yet!

  Government, if it is not for me, please communicate your strategy to the people of SXM.

  In what way may the people of SXM rely on you, protecting their interests as best as you can?

  What is your strategy? It is fully unclear to me and to a lot of people from SXM.

  Please let us know!

  Aren't we the people of SXM who gave you a mandate to govern and protect us!

  This is just a reflection of sentiments by the people of SXM.

  I should say; it is your task to comfort us with your strategy and your capability to reach the goals of that strategy. It has been quite for a lot of weeks!


Name withheld at author’s request