Wartsila to inspect GEBE engine damage, demands can be met

Wartsila to inspect GEBE engine  damage, demands can be met

PHILIPSBURG--Utilities company GEBE is working towards getting the recent failure of one of its engines fixed by experts in the field.

  A crankshaft pin failed recently in Engine #18, however, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenrick Chittick said the company is still able to meet its current electricity demands.

  “We have Wartsila in to inspect and measure the damage,” Chittick said. “This is a specialised skill and technique that we are not able to handle on-island. We are still able to meet our electricity demand on the island with this unit down for repairs. This will be the same situation with a large engine down for repairs and we still meet the demand.”

  He said if another large unit fails while this one is down, there may be a period of outage. “But as it is now with the one unit out, we are okay. We will execute an overhaul on the damaged engine at the same time since it is down, as this is also in the overhaul period. Our maintenance on the other units is up to date and if one is due, this will be scheduled accordingly and if need be, for the weekend when the demand is lower than during the week.”

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