SXM Airways aircraft undergo decontamination and sanitising

SXM Airways aircraft undergo decontamination and sanitising

Ingenious Innovations employees carrying out decontamination and sanitising of an SXM Airways aircraft.

  1. EUSTATIUS--The aircraft of airline SXM Airways underwent decontamination and sanitising at F.D. Roosevelt Airport on Friday, May 29. Besides the decontamination/sanitising, the airline carries out mandatory in-house cleaning and sanitising on their fleet after every flight.

The airline brought in the Ingenious Innovations company two to three times a week, depending on the number of flights, to perform the general decontamination and sanitising on their aircraft. Sublime Technical Maintenance (STM) provided technical services.

SXM Airways introduced this practice on March 27, at the start of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The airline carries out an estimated three to four flights per week with passengers of Health Insurance Office ZVK on board, as well as cargo flights with medical supplies and other equipment.

SXM Airways has been the only airline that flies to Statia on a somewhat regular basis since March, when the restrictions on civil aviation in the airspace above the Dutch Caribbean islands went into effect.

EZ Air brings medical supplies from Bonaire to Statia from time to time and SXM Airways transports medical supplies and cargo to St. Maarten and Saba.

Flights to Statia have only occurred in emergency cases, to transport cargo, for chartered flights of essential workers and medical referrals, and for repatriation flights.

Under the emergency ordinance, Statia is only allowing essential workers, medical referrals, their accompanying person and recently stranded Statians back to the island. When these persons return they are placed in mandatory 14-day quarantine.