Samenwerkende Fondsen gives Basilia Center facelift

Samenwerkende Fondsen  gives Basilia Center facelift

One of the new beds.

PHILIPSBURG--The Sr. Basilia Center (SBC) is now much more comfortable for clients and workers thanks to Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben, which provided the necessary funds to redo the interior of SBC.

  The residence of SBC opened in October 2001 and is specialised in residential care for persons with intellectual disabilities. After 20 years, the residence was in need of new furniture, curtains and special beds to fit the needs of clients.

  This project has now been completed. The facelift consists of new beds and nightstands as well as new chairs, couches, and tables for the living and dining rooms and the staff area. In addition, the project also incorporated several wall and window decorations and a fresh paint job to give the residence a fresh new look. With additional funds, several beds, specifically made to fit the needs of some of the SBC clients, were custom built by Koene in the Netherlands.

A section of the center that received new furniture.


  “Our residence really got a whole new look and feel after this project,” said Department Head Mimi Hodge. “It has really brightened up the place, and we can see the effect it has on both our staff and clients every day. Because of this donation, we now have more of a home setting and are able to provide quality care to those with special needs.”

  The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) thanked Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben for making the renovation possible. “The clients and staff of SBC are delighted with the new look and possibilities,” it was stated in a press release. “Once more, the WYCCF would like to thank the Samenwerkende Fondsen, and specifically the Kansfonds and De Groot Fonds, for their generous donation. With help from partners like this, the WYCCF can continue to provide quality care to those who need it.”