No rush to obtain vaccines in Statia

No rush to obtain  vaccines in Statia

The SXM Airways aircraft that brought the COVID-19 vaccine to St. Eustatius was given a water-cannon salute by the St. Eustatius Fire Department.

ST. EUSTATIUS--Statians are not rushing to register to receive the Moderna vaccine. On Friday, 1,600 doses of the vaccine arrived at F.D. Roosevelt Airport and were collected by health officials, who will carry out the first vaccination sessions at Earl N. Merkman Sports Complex today, Monday.


Nurse Mariske ter Horst with pre-vaccination forms, which are obtainable at the Public Health Department on Cottageweg.

However, only 480 people have registered for the jab out of an eligible population of 2,500. Nevertheless, health officials are certain that once the vaccination programme is underway, more people will come forward to acquire the Moderna vaccine protection.

  Dr. George Odongo recently assured the public in a town-hall meeting that it was impossible to catch the disease through the vaccine. “The absolute goal of the programme is to provide individual protection. Take it, don’t leave it,” Odongo told The Daily Herald.

  Health officials are confident that the Moderna vaccine is effective against new variants or versions of the COVID-19 virus that have mutated in Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom.