Mighty Dow releases music video for new afro-beat/soca fusion song

Mighty Dow releases music video for  new afro-beat/soca fusion song

Isidore “Mighty Dow” York during the filming of his music video in Nigeria.


PHILIPSBURG--Local soca/calypso artiste Isidore “Mighty Dow” York has officially released his latest song, “Come on Everybody”. The upbeat and enjoyable tune, which is a blend of afro-beats and soca, can be viewed on Youtube as of today, March 11.

York said the song aims to bring happiness, laughter, and good spirits to listeners of all ages. The lyrics speak on unity and community, highlighting the similarities between different cultures.
Originally written in the ’90s, the song has been revamped several times until York felt it had the right sound and production. This is one of several songs recorded using a similar sound, so the public can expect more of this fusion in the future, said York.
The music video for “Come on Everybody” was directed by Righteousman and was shot in an organised and structured manner, despite the long hours and repetitive nature of the filming process. York, who spoke highly of the experience, thanked everyone involved in the video for their hard work and dedication.
He explained that the song is not only being released locally, but will also be distributed in Nigeria and neighbouring countries. During his visit to Nigeria, York was warmly welcomed and had the opportunity to perform at three locations, receiving positive feedback from the audiences.
In a special tribute to his wife, Ruth York, whose birthday falls on March 11, York chose this day to launch the music video as a symbol of his love and appreciation for her support throughout this journey.
York encourages the public to listen to “Come on Everybody” and enjoy the catchy and uplifting tune. With a message of unity and happiness, this song is sure to bring joy to all who listen.

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