Maingrette wants humanitarian consideration for undocumented Haitians, writes minister

      Maingrette wants humanitarian consideration  for undocumented Haitians, writes minister

MP Kevin Maingrette.

PHILIPSBURG--Nation Opportunity Wealth (NOW) Member of Parliament (MP) Kevin Maingrette has written to caretaker Minister of Justice Anna Richardson on what he referred to as “pressing concerns” of the Haitian community in St. Maarten with the deepening crisis in their homeland.

The MP would like humanitarian consideration for undocumented Haitians living in St Maarten and, amongst other things, asked whether the minister considered putting a temporary moratorium in place on deportations of Haitians.

Against the backdrop of escalating unrest and a significant prison break involving around 4,000 inmates in Haiti, Maingrette highlighted what he said was the critical situation faced by the Haitian community, drawing attention to what he referred to as the potential implications for safety and stability in both countries. The recent events, he said in a press release, have prompted concerns from him about the safety and fair treatment of Haitian nationals, particularly those undocumented, residing in St. Maarten.

“Maingrette’s letter to Minister Richardson is a plea for humanitarian consideration amidst necessary border security measures, inquiring specifically about the steps the government is taking to prevent the deportation of Haitians back to their turmoil-stricken homeland,”

In the letter, the MP asked how St. Maarten intends to balance these security measures with compassion for those caught in the crisis, ensuring they are not forced back into a dangerous situation, and asked if the minister has considered issuing a temporary moratorium on deportations for Haitians, given the current crisis in their home country.

“MP Maingrette further acknowledges the dual necessity of safeguarding Haitian nationals in St. Maarten while also recognising the need for strengthened border security measures. This stance stems from concerns over regional instability potentially affecting St. Maarten, especially in light of the recent escape of 4,000 prisoners in Haiti. Maingrette urges for an approach that balances humanitarian support for Haitians with pragmatic border control to manage risks associated with the crisis, aiming to protect both the local and Haitian communities within the framework of international obligations,” it was stated in the release.

Maingrette asked Richardson to elucidate on the measures which are being taken to strengthen border security, and how these measures account for the fair treatment of individuals seeking refuge from violence and unrest.

He also questioned the asylum procedures, considering St. Maarten’s limited resources and size, and how it is coordinating with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to accommodate those seeking refuge.

“As the situation in Haiti continues to develop, the responses and actions of St. Maarten’s government, as guided by the dialogue between MP Maingrette and Minister Richardson, will be closely watched by the community and international observers alike. The focus remains on balancing the need for security with the imperative of compassion,” Maingrette said in the press release.

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