Border closure extended to July 14 while some repatriated released

Border closure extended to July 14  while some repatriated released

ANGUILLA--At the Executive Council meeting on June 18 it was agreed to extend the regulations closing Anguilla’s ports until July 14, with the previously agreed-on exemptions remaining the same. The exemptions include vessels or aircraft used for cargo, medical purposes, carrying passengers out of Anguilla and transporting returning Anguillians in the repatriation process.

Governor Tim Foy says the border restrictions will continue to be vigorously enforced. He stressed that there will be no relaxation of the restrictions around the elections. He said as of June 19, some 478 Anguillians had registered their interest in returning to Anguilla. Of these, 355 have been approved and 103 have returned home already. He said that by Friday, June 26, some 60 persons currently in quarantine would have completed the 14 days and provided they tested negative for COVID-19, they would be released from quarantine.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Aisha Andrewin reported that the first set of eight repatriated persons were released on June 20 and others would be released this week. All persons are to be issued with certificates as proof of their release from quarantine. She is asking the general public to treat repatriated persons with compassion and “every effort should be made to avoid stigmatisation and discrimination of these individuals,” she noted. She added that many had already experienced great challenges prior to coming back to Anguilla, including prolonged separation from loved ones, financial hardships and general anxiety about getting home.