Young cyclists show their potential at the Nissan Grand Prix on Sunday

Young cyclists show their potential  at the Nissan Grand Prix on Sunday

Junior cyclists, and future champions, assemble on the start line for one of the races on Sunday during the Nissan Grand Prix in Sandy Ground.

MARIGOT--Velo Club de Grand Case (VCG) celebrated Mother’s Day by organising the Nissan/Saint Martin Cars Grand Prix in Sandy Ground on Sunday, a continuing mission by the older generation of cyclists and coaches to train the future generation.

The event, organised for young cyclists from the schools and clubs, gave the children an opportunity to show off their potential in front of many mothers who were present. The day was a resounding success, with a remarkable number of mothers turning out to applaud their potential future champions.

Thanks to a dedicated organisational team and commitment by Vialenc Raymond Jr, representative of main sponsor Saint-Martin Cars and Nissan, the event ran smoothly throughout the morning. It was a celebration of sport and emotion, highlighting the family spirit and passion for cycling, and illustrated the importance of local associations and businesses working together to promote sport and the community.

The Nissan Grand Prix brought together participants in categories from U7 to U15, with a special mention for the young cyclists who put on a show worthy of the greatest champions. The spectators, mostly made up of mothers, enthusiastically supported the riders, making this Mother's Day particularly memorable.

Results were as follows: U13 Girls: 1. Piper Romeika (ASM), 2. Douared Akeillia (VCSG), 3. Souklaye Veina (VCSG), 4. Ashton Chaniya (VCSG).

U13 Boys: 1. Guillaumette Wilmy (VCSG), 2. Hodge Erick (VCSG), 3. Gumbs Clemenceau (ASM), 4. Hodge Drea (Anguilla), 5. Carty Rajon (Anguilla), 6. Carius Roodjerry (VCSG), 7. Souklaye Thierryll (VCSG), 8. Richardson Rodricio (VCSG), 9. Ramanaidou Mayik (ASM).

U15 Girls: 1. Lake Rolandia (ASCESM), 2. Amacin Khaicia (ASM). U7 Girls: Souklaye Vianey (VCSG).

U15 Boys: 1. Simon Kymarry (VCSG), 2. Hunt Parrotte Lance (ASM), 3. Ashton Reyshaw (VCSG), 4. Benitez Asthan (ASM), 5. Edwards Kelan (VCSG), 6. Brooks Javonsio (ASM), 7. Davis Darion (ASM), 8. Cassamajor Frantzl (VCSG).

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