Mail tracking and online payments available for Bermuda Post Office

Mail tracking and online payments  available for Bermuda Post Office

The Bermuda General Post Office building. (File photo)


HAMILTON, Bermuda--Mail tracking and online payments will now be available for the Bermuda Post Office (BPO), Minister for the Cabinet Office Wayne Furbert said on Monday.

  Furbert said that the new platform was one of several digital services set to be launched throughout the year. “The BPO is well positioned to deliver a wide range of services across its different channels to meet today’s personal and business needs.

  “Our aim is to continue enabling the post office to be Bermudian’s provider of choice for both postal and non-postal services within our community.”

  The platform was created with Swift Postal, a company that specialises in digital postal services. The new platform offers tracking systems and is linked to several payment platforms and government offices.

  Furbert said that the launch of these “important milestones” reflected the success of government’s relationship with Swift Postal and their parent company Ascent Software.

  “Over the past two years, we have partnered with Ascent and Swift Postal to digitise services at the post office and I am pleased to announce the continued growth of our partnership that will see us digitise our government services from simple online forms to interactive and instant online processing.

  “Ascent and Swift Postal have been a valuable partner, bringing to the table their expertise in postal strategy, postal technology and digital transformation. Our partnership underscores our commitment to increase the level of service in Bermuda and continue to be a leading force within our community.”

  Acting Postmaster General Richard Hazelwood said, “The launch of our new customer portal and mobile payments, together with the implementation of several operational platforms powered by Swift Postal, is a testament to our commitment towards improving the customer’s experience.”

  Vice President of Swift Postal Steve Camilleri Bowman said, “As an Ascent company, Swift Postal is focused on creating continuous value, scale and repeated success for customers like Bermuda Post. We aim to deliver the right design, technology, guidance and support to achieve the best customer experience and increased operational efficiencies.

  “We have established a strong partnership with Bermuda Post, and we are committed to keep helping them in their service modernisation journey for repeated success.” ~ The Royal Gazette ~