Worried son

Dear Queenie,

  My father has always been a very religious man, obeying all the rules of our religion, but recently he has been doing some very strange things, very different from the way he has always behaved.

  For example, he listens to music he always thought was “bad”, goes out at all hours for things he never used to do, says rude things to family and then says he was just joking, and getting into a relationship with a girl at church who used to be my cousin’s girlfriend.

  She had some problems and went to him for counseling, but now they are a lot closer than counselor and counselee. He calls her his best friend and would rather be with her than with our family. My mother doesn’t like all this and has told him so, but he ignores all that and he gets mad if anyone tells him maybe he has some health or other problems.

  Queenie, is there anything our family can do?—Worried son

Dear Son,

  Your father may be going through a mid-life crisis or there may be some physical problem behind his behaviour. Try to get him to see your family doctor for a complete physical, and try to let the doctor know why you are so upset about your father’s behaviour. If you have a problem getting him to go for a check-up, maybe his religious leader can help persuade him to do it.

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