Worried friend

Dear Queenie,

  A friend of mine let me buy some things on her credit card and I was paying it off, but since the pandemic I have had wage cuts and I got behind on the payments and she got a call from a collection agent.

  She didn’t want her husband to know she had let me use the card so she lied to the agent and said she never gave me permission. Now she is even threatening to take me to court. I can understand her not wanting her husband to find out she let me use the card but if she takes me to court it will ruin our friendship.

  Queenie, is there anything it can do to fix all this?—Worried friend

Dear Friend,

  You can point out to your friend that if she takes you to court you will testify under oath that she did give you permission to use the card and it will be a matter of record, so her husband surely will find out about it. Furthermore, if she says in court that she did not give you permission she will be committing perjury, which is a crime.

  Whatever happens, I would say this friendship is over. Nevertheless, you should be sure to pay off the credit card debt completely.

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