Drunk’s wife

Dear Queenie,

  I was at the supermarket the other day and someone else in the checkout line said I must be going to have a party and a lot of fun because I was buying so much liquor.

  Actually, the liquor was for my husband, who drinks so much he passes out almost every day.

  Queenie, why do people think a lot of booze is “fun”?—Drunk’s wife

Dear Wife,

  Apparently your husband is an alcoholic – addicted to alcohol. Why are you enabling him by providing him with liquor? If he were a drug addict would you buy him his drugs?

  Instead of supporting his addiction, you should be encouraging him to try to fight it, perhaps with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous (see Agenda on page 2 of this newspaper). You can find some help for yourself through Al-Anon or a similar organisation such as SMART Recovery online.

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