Worried father

Dear Queenie,

  My son is a college graduate, but he has never had a job so he doesn’t have anything to put on a resumé. He won’t even take a part-time job. He helps around the house, but not much, and he does some volunteer work at our church, but mostly he spends a lot of time playing video games and watching TV.

  Queenie, how can we get him to start job-hunting before he is so old nobody will consider hiring him?—Worried father


Dear Father,

  Stop hoping your son will start looking for work and insist that he do so. Also, start charging him enough rent that he will have to find at least a part-time job to earn the money to pay you.

  And point out to him that his college degree, his volunteer work and any part-time job he works at are things he can put on a resumé and use for references.

  The longer you let him wait around doing nothing, the harder it will be for him to get a job when he does start looking for one. And what will he do when the time comes, as it inevitably will, when you are unable or just not there to support him?