Dear Queenie,

  My girlfriend has a good job but she still depends on her parents to pay her bills for her and to give her extra money if she can’t afford something she wants or doesn’t have enough to cover her credit card bills. We don’t talk to each other about money but I know she talks to them about it all the time.

  I knew she was like this before we moved in together, but nothing has changed since then and whatever they tell her to do about money she does it, without talking to me about it.

  Queenie, when will she ever grow up?—Vexed


Dear Vexed,

  She will never grow up until her parents let her, or are no longer there to coddle her. You can try to convince them to allow (or compel) her become more independent, but I suspect they will be reluctant to let go of her to that extent. Good luck!