Unhappy husband

Dear Queenie,

  No matter how much I try I can’t do anything to please my mother-in-law. My wife does everything she can to please her mother, but her mother just doesn’t like me and she has told the rest of her family things that make them not like me too.

  I love my wife, but for the rest of her family I am still on the outside and they blame me for anything that goes wrong in our lives and always take her side.

  Queenie, I have gone for counselling but my wife thinks it is silly and won’t go with me. What more can I do? Should I give up and get a divorce?—Unhappy husband


Dear Husband,

  Your mother-in-law may be difficult to deal with, but your real problem is with your wife, who should be taking your side and backing you up when dealing with her family instead of letting them treat you badly.

  Go back for more counselling. Ask your wife again to go with you, but if she will not, go by yourself to figure out what you want to do next and how to do it.