Dear Queenie,

  I’ve been dating a guy who is only here a couple of weeks a month. He calls and texts all the time and says how much he misses me when he is away, and he often asks me how I feel about him.

  I found out that he’s been seeing another woman on another island where he goes for his job and when I asked him about her he said he liked her a lot but she lives too far away for more than occasional dates.

  I said he wasn’t being fair to either of us and he said he’s not married to either of us and he will continue to call me and see me until I tell him not to.

  Queenie, should I go on dating him?—Undecided


Dear Undecided,

  I am assuming this man is not married to some woman other than you and the other woman you mention, so as a single man he is free to call and date as many women as he chooses until he makes a commitment to one of them.

  It would seem this guy is the kind of man who thrives on many women’s attention. If you are willing to accept this, go on dating him. If you are not, demand a clear, firm commitment from him and if he is not willing to make such a commitment – and keep it! – dump him.