Part-time girlfriend

Dear Queenie,

  I’ve been dating a man for a couple of years. We don’t live together but we spend long weekends (Thursday to Sunday) together at his house. He says the rest of the week is when he likes to be alone and I can email or text him during that time but I can’t go to his house and he won’t answer if I call him.

  I don’t really know how he feels about me. If I tell him I love him he will say it back, but he never says he loves me unless I say I love him first.

  I don’t need for us to get married, but I would like to have a full-time relationship.

  Queenie, do you think I have a chance for what I want?—Part-time girlfriend  

Dear Girlfriend,

  No, I do not think so.

  Also, I seriously wonder whether your boyfriend is really spending Monday to Wednesday alone, or if he has another “part-time girlfriend” with whom he spends that part of every week.