Offended husband

Dear Queenie,

A long time ago my wife’s brother-in-law made a pass at her, She turned him down but after that he still gave her a hard time until we moved far away.

We still see him now and then at family occasions and he thinks everything is just fine even though he never even tried to apologize for what he did.

I have forgiven him for what he did, but I can’t forget, and every time I see him I start to get angry again and I have a hard time getting along with him.

Queenie, how can I get over this, or at least leave it in the past and move on?—Offended husband

Dear Husband,

If you still get angry at this man you have not actually forgiven him. If you think it would help if he apologised, tell him so – calmly – and hope that it helps.

Either way, professional counselling would help you put the past in the past and get on more happily with life in the present.

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