Now-faithful husband

Dear Queenie,

  My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years, married for about half that time. I cheated on her once and she found out about it. She decided to stay with me, and I never cheated again, but now she checks my phone and my computer all the time and won’t let me go anywhere alone except to work and even there she is constantly checking up on me. She makes me feel like some sort of prisoner, not her husband.

  Queenie, do you think that is right?—Now-faithful husband

Dear Husband,

  No, it is not right, but your wife does not trust you because you broke the trust she once had in you. However, treating you like a prisoner will not renew her trust in you.

  Professional counselling together might help the two of you work through these matters. And if your wife will not go with you, go by yourself to get help deciding what you want your future to be like and how to make it so.