Less-blessed Best Friend

Dear Queenie,
My best friend got religion some time ago and now all she talks about is how the Lord has blessed her with her children and her grandchildren and her new husband that she met recently (her first husband died in an accident many years ago). She says God has given her everything she prayed for and goes on and on about how good He has been to her.
It’s gotten very hard for me to hear all this, because things are very different for me. For one thing, both my husband and my daughter also died in an accident and I still haven’t gotten over the loss. I can’t help but be jealous of how well things are going for her, but I just keep quiet and listen and then tell her I am happy that things are so good for her.
Queenie, is there anything I can do besides just giving up on this friendship?—Less-blessed Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,
You could remind her of the saying “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”
Tell her (as gently as you can manage) that you are glad for her sake that things have gone so well for her, but sometimes it gets to be just too much for you to bear to have to hear about it all the time, and ask her if she cannot find something else to talk about.

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