Left out child

Dear Queenie,

  My sister has all sorts of problems and our parents give her everything she needs and spend a lot of money taking care of her. They tell me they will make it up to me with what I will get when they die, but who knows how long that will be and how much will be left if they give everything to my sister while they are still alive.

  Queenie, is this fair?—Left out child

Dear Left out,

  No, that is not fair, but that is how it is.

  Your parents feel obligated to your sister because of her problems and are afraid of what might become of her if they do not take care of her, while they are confident that you are able to take care of yourself.

  If there is a specific item(s) that you would like to have, ask them to give it to you now so that you do not have to worry about what might become of it after they are gone. Beyond that, try to forgive them (and your sister) for their favouritism. Carrying a grudge will hurt you more than any of them.