Doubting Thomasina

Dear Queenie,

  Before we got married, while we were together and then engaged (for several more years) my husband cheated on me with several different women. After we got married he promised he had stopped, but I wasn’t sure I believed him and we went for counselling, but we have stopped that because the counsellor agreed with me that my husband thinks there is no problem.

  Queenie, should I divorce him? But what if he is really being faithful?—Doubting Thomasina

Dear Doubting Thomasina,

  If there are private detectives where you live, hire one who can get the facts for you. If there is no private detective available, find someone you know you can trust to do the sleuthing.

  If you are wrong about your husband, get counselling to help you deal with your insecurity. If you are right, the counsellor (and possibly a lawyer) can help you decide what to do.