Dear Queenie,

My grandsons are 6 and 10 years old and they both sleep in the same king-size bed. Their mother has been divorced from their father, my son, since they were much younger and she has gotten into the habit of getting in the bed to sleep with them. The boys think they are too old for this and they have told her so and asked her to stop, but she still does it.

Queenie, is there any way I can help the children get her to stop?—Grampa

Dear Grampa,

Your ex-daughter-in-law may find that sleeping with her children is comforting and eases her loneliness, but she should not be doing it if the children object, especially as they are getting older.

You and their mother (and their father, if he is still close to his sons), should discuss this with their paediatrician, and possibly a psychological therapist for professional advice. Surely their mother wants what is best for her children!

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