Can’t decide what to do

Dear Queenie,

I got pregnant for a man who doesn’t know how to manage his money. He wants to be father to this child when it is born, but not support it financially.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of getting back together with the man I used to be with before I met the baby’s father.

Queenie, what should I do?—Can’t decide what to do

Dear Can’t decide,

Does your ex know you want to get back together with him? And does he know you are pregnant with another man’s baby? He should know everything about the baby before you talk about getting back together, because he probably will not take it well if he finds out afterward that you have kept such important information to yourself.

Get professional legal advice regarding the baby’s father to establish exactly what his rights and responsibilities are in relation to his offspring.

And from now on use birth control when you have sex with a man, unless you intend to get pregnant.

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