Disgusted sister

Dear Queenie,

  I’m a senior in high school and I have a little sister that I have to drive to school every day. She doesn’t like the way I drive and she says mean things to me and calls me names and we fight a lot.

  I told my parents how rude she is and I don’t want to do anything for her, but they won’t do anything about it. They just let her get away with anything.

  I can’t wait until I go away to college and get away from her.

  Queenie, is that so wrong?—Disgusted sister


Dear Sister,

  It is not unusual for younger siblings to drive their older siblings crazy. Try to ignore your sister’s behaviour, which is intended to get your attention and make you respond to her. Try to remember that when she grows older and outgrows this childish stage, the two of you may actually become good friends.

  Meanwhile, if you need someone to talk to, go to your school counsellor, a sympathetic relative or your best friend.