Concerned girlfriend

Dear Queenie,

  I’ve been living with my boyfriend for about a year, after we dated for about 6 months. Before we met he was going with another girl. She was always friends with his sister and still is, and since we got together the ex has been very nasty to me and his sister won’t, or can’t, do anything about it. This is causing my boyfriend to have a difficult relationship with his sister.

  Queenie, is there anything I can do about all this?—Concerned girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend,

  You will have to learn to ignore the situation. Whether the sister is doing this to aggravate you or just does not want to give up her friendship with this woman, their friendship is none of your business.

  What is important is your boyfriend’s relationship with his sister. If you can manage to ignore her friendship with his ex, it will make things easier for him and he will be grateful.