When and where did it all begin?

Dear Editor,

  How often have I not mentioned that the motto of the Dutch consists of the following. I will repeat them. Ik zal je nog eens krijgen; voor wat hoort wat and wat in het vat zit zuurt niet (long rope for meager dog). But the one I always blame them for and will continue to blame them for is that they know better and never do better. When he who knows better has the opportunity to do better and refuses to do better, then that saying “the only way for evil to be triumphant is for good people to do nothing” comes to mind.

  But the saying “Laat ze maar rotsooien” is the one I most despise.

  Because it has been proven too often that the Dutch who taught us everything we know, who see us doing the wrong thing, who are the ones mandated to stop us from doing the wrong thing, permit us to continue doing the wrong thing, in order to have a valid reason to indict us when it is convenient for them.

  If I am wrong, just go back to the timeline of all those popular cases in which people in government are/were involved and check when or how long into the cases arrests were made and who were arrested and when, etc. Again, I do not condone wrongdoing, but I believe in “it is not what you do, it’s the way that you do it”.

  I do not know whether we forget or we do not care but again somebody is arrested for forgetting that the longest rope has an end or even to reflect on what is written in Luke 12:2 and 3.

  Holland is willing to help us financially but under stringent conditions. I will not quote the bible on this one. The van Dale Dutch dictionary explains the saying “doe wel en zie niet om” clearly. It means “Men moet goed doen zonder een beloning daarvoor te verwachten” (one should do good without expecting a reward). But like I mentioned before, part of their motto is “Voor wat hoort wat”. So what is really going on?.

  Are they trying to confuse us or is it “do what I say but do not do what I do” or are we caught up in what nowadays has become a popular saying that “the child becomes what he sees and not what you tell him”? Who is going to help us out of this quagmire? Is lay-waiting us to lock us up really the solution? What happened to being forthcoming? Is that asking for too much?

  But you know what is striking? The same people who do not want us to punish our children by spanking them, are the same people who are threatening to tie against the tree and flog us with the whip.

  This does not mean that I am condoning wrongdoing, because two wrongs do not make it right, but I really believe that when one wants me to do better, one should show me better.


Russell A. Simmons