Throwing stones and hiding

Dear Editor,

  I have always had a problem having confidence in the words of a person who writes letters knowing that they are liable to be published and requests not to publish their name. The word “false” always comes to mind in those cases. You are throwing stones and hiding your hand. That is what we call underhanded tactics.

  I read that letter sent to you “Why did we pray?” because of the word “pray”. To begin with, I would not have used the term “by whatever means He chooses” and he/she goes on to determine what God thought we meant, and then further decided that God gave us a breakthrough via a vaccine.

  I thought to myself this writer must have had a “burning bush moment”. I agree that every healing and for that matter all good gifts around us come from God, and there is where we should focus.

  The writer continues to quote, “Where there are no prophetic voice (or declaration), the people will be led astray. My people perished because they lacked knowledge (revelation, understanding).” If the writer of that letter to you knows this so well and means well, why not recommend this be done so that those affected could get a better understanding of God’s word which should contribute to a better understanding of the purpose of prayer.

  The writer writes, “I believe that we need some real bible common sense and stop the speculating about issues we do not understand that are misleading, damaging and kidnapping a healthy emotional well-being of many.” On reading this and owing to the fact that the writer wished his/her name to be withheld, I am not sure whether this writer is a charlatan being prophetic and should be accused of being aligned with those in Matthew 10:33.

  What I have been instructed and as far as I have experienced: “God does not do halfway work.” It is usually your faith which contributes to the outcome. I remain open to any valid correction to my observation, but I believe we prayed and are still praying because we believe that God does not do halfway work. Even though I will not publicly let my opinion be known, I can understand the reason for that doubt about the vaccine.

Russell A. Simmons