The people have chosen

Dear Editor,

  Elections are over and the preliminary results are in. I must start by congratulating the voters of St. Maarten on the manner in which they conducted themselves on Election Day. As far as I know there were no incidents where the law enforcement officers had to intervene and if there were, it was minor.

  To those that did not vote, you also spoke and the outcome is also squarely on your shoulders. Those who executed their democratic rights spoke clearly. The National Alliance 6 seats, the United People Party 4 seats, the United St. Maarten People’s Party 2 seats, the United Democrats 1 and the Party for Progress 2 seats, total 15 seats. The people have spoken and all indications are that there will be a coalition government. Is this good for St. Maarten? Time will tell.

  The million-dollar question is, who will form the new coalition. It is said that politics make strange bedfellows so there should be no surprises as to who will form with whom. Let us look at the different scenarios.

  A coalition formed between National Alliance and the United People’s Party is a total of 10 seats. A strong coalition some might say.

  Another scenario can be a coalition between National Alliance and United St. Maarten Party, which will be 8 seats.

  An option is also a coalition between National Alliance and the Party for Progress which is also 8 seats.

  However, history has proven that thus far no coalition has lasted a full term. Notice, I am being partisan because I have always felt that the party with the most votes should be part of the new government. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Will history be made this time? I believe it can. It calls for maturity and really putting the interest of the people first and foremost.

  I am sure the negotiations have begun immediately after hearing the election results. Compromise is always a crucial part of discussions.

  Taking into consideration the preliminary results, let me congratulate the National Alliance voters for their support and specifically the 116 persons who voted for me. I want to also congratulate the other parties and the 15 members who were elected.

  I must remind you that you came in on the strength of your party. There is a humongous task ahead, but with God on our side we can meet the challenge. People are looking for serious leadership who have their best interest at heart.

  I close with this quote from the late Dr. Myles Munroe: “Ambition to serve others is honorable and you should be motivated by your love for people, not your desire to be great.”


George Pantophlet