St. Maarteners, vote today

St. Maarteners, today is voting day, please do the right thing today – go out in great numbers and cast your vote.

Although in every corner of St Maarten from the east, west, north and south of the island you can hear “This election it is a coalition government again”, l believe in miracles. Voters will still keep sending a special voting message to all these parties and their candidates (UP party) they want to be governing this island since from 10/10/10.

These two lawyers Cor Merx and Stomp should be elected to help us within the laws and our justice systems.

The Dutch, Caricom, and the United Nations focusing on the election result, article 33 are our parliamentarians, article 59 are our ministers, and the coalition, are the voters. The favorite party majority voters favor to govern is UP.

Undecided voters, go out to vote. Survey stands at 5 seats UP, NA 4 seats, UD 4 seats (I quote). Undecided voters, go out to make a difference with two missing seats and please cast your votes.


Cuthbert Bannis