Puppy in distress

Dear Editor,

  Still people think that adopting a puppy is a nice toy gift for their little girl or boy. A family has adopted a little puppy, for days it’s been barking day and night. Unfortunately they are my neighbors and I can’t demand them to help it.

  Either a little female or male, probably it was taken from its mom and it was happily playing with its brothers and sisters when the unfortunate day to be separated came. Very unfortunate if it was given to a “caring family” that has isolated it!

  Many people are not accustomed to have their dogs indoor, it’s been very unfortunate for this little precious dog that seems to be probably a “german kind”. It’s a tremendous torture for this little dog now living in loneliness like a little child left without his family that could be in panic if it would happen. Now isolated in the back porch for days, perhaps months, perhaps years of torture, perhaps will be chained for life.

  Those who are breeding brand dogs for business must be sure to give puppies to responsible serious families. It’s not even taken outside for exercising! It is out of question, not even that! People seem to be so lazy This puppy suffering may last who knows up to when!

  Another family adopted a little white Yorkshire terrier, very cute little puppy. Their little girl was happily playing. Months later or a year later as an adult, in very bad shape it was criss-crossing the road. Means as an adult it was left outside on its own. Ended up walking on the road up to a food stand where it was probably for a couple of days and finally taken by someone.

  People should not be allowed to adopt dogs if they think it’s just a temporary toy for their kids.

Name withheld at author’s request.