Length of candidate list not measure of suitability for office

Dear Editor,

  Should a voter in the upcoming election choose a party with a large number of candidates or rather a party with a lesser number of candidates?

  Does a larger number of candidates mean that the party has more good people to become legislators and therefore a better choice?

  May I suggest that the number of candidates does not give any indication of the party’s suitability for governing? What the voter really should be wanting to know is the skill levels of the candidates and how they were selected by the party and how they were scrutinized for qualities of integrity. That is tough information to obtain!

  The likely motivation of parties to field a large number of candidates is that they will, through these candidates, pick up some percentage of votes due to the persons being well known in the community and well liked. Or maybe they will hope their families will vote for them. Do not assume that the larger number of candidates represents either existing popularity or suitability for governing.

  Even if they look good on the photograph.

Robbie Ferron

The Daily Herald

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