‘Know the truth, and the truth will set you free’

Dear Editor,

The war that momentarily draws all the world’s attention is the one between Israel and Palestine, in the Middle East.

Israel and Palestine for decades have a discussion among each other and are now accusing each other of colonialism.

Their history of division is very deep. What Hamas brings up is that a lot of innocent children are killed by Israel in this war. On the other hand, Israel is talking about defending their territory against the attacks by Palestine.

In 2023, we must stand tall for peace, a reconciliation.

“Fundashon Korsou Kaminda pa Libertat” does not want us to look away from the fact that there are six Islands in the Caribbean that are in the process of decolonization, which is recognized by the U.N. as a real and true fact.

It is not a process that goes on in peace and tranquillity. Especially not when the Netherlands are talking about charging Curaçao a fine for the delay in paying back the loans related to the COVID crisis.

The time is here for our Parliament to give their attention to the reality of the situation in Curaçao, just like it is done in Aruba and SXM, by referring to the Carta Magna Chapter 11 article 73.

The Parliaments of the six Caribbean Islands should unite in an historic act in favour of the Liberty of our people.

“Fundashon Korsou na Kaminda pa Libertat” hopes that this union soon will be a reality.

Dear people, mind that we have to encourage our Parliaments to come together, unite, and focus our attention on our reality and the way we have to walk to reach our goals.

Hubert Cristina, Chairman

“Fundashon Korsou Kaminda pa Libertat”

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