Politics without principles – the demise of NA/UP coalition

Dear Editor,

When politicians erase God from their lives, they become so off-centered that they openly manipulate the fundamental principles that they once respected. This depraved behaviour is now rooted in their character, as displayed by their unwillingness to listen to the views of the people, which has ultimately led to the erosion of true democracy.

Never in the history of this country have the people witnessed such neglect from this Council of Ministers, who prior to taking office, pledged to be different, and work in the best interest of the people. Nothing substantial has materialised from this four-year nightmare but gross incompetence, scandals, lies, court cases, self-interest, disregard for the High Councils of State, and a total disrespect for the people.

Due to this “don’t care” attitude towards the population, they speak to us how they want, when they want, and in a manner that questions their actual level of education. Their style of dialogue is so shocking that it is difficult to believe that this Council of Minsters has acquired academic degrees. But, in today’s world, everything is up for sale, and so anything is possible.

The Council of Ministers is the unit, but the one minister with whom I’m deeply disappointed is Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. This discontent occupies my mind constantly, which leads me to this nagging question every single time: Is she the teacher that I thought I knew, or is she a photocopy that got altered during the process?

St. Maarten has been thrust into a very dark period of its history. As I watch and analyse the political situation of the country, I’m forced to recollect my thoughts and revisit my notes of Dr. Myles Munroe, when he visited the island some years ago. He was invited to speak to the leaders at the time. Curious to hear his message, I attended the services every night, in Cole Bay.

I’m not sure who invited him but night after night I took notes (mostly mental, but some written) because his message resonated with me then, and will always be, as it gave me the blueprint as what to look for in leaders of any country. I’m going to paraphrase, but the continuation of this article will represent the core thoughts of Dr. Myles Munroe, based on my recollection and brief notes.

I can recall when he mentioned that true leadership is about self-manifestation. What does this mean? It means that true leadership is about exhibiting one’s true self. The question is: What characteristics of themselves are leaders displaying? He went on to say that leadership is not to maintain followers, but to produce leaders to take their place.

My attention was amplified when he said, “Leadership is not a pursuit of power, position, title or authority. It is a result of self-discovery.” As he continued with his message, he indicated that God loves an honest heart and that leaders do not seek followers. Instead, followers are attracted to true leaders. They are not necessarily attracted to them, but to the gift that is being exhibited.

In essence, “Leadership is an attraction. Attraction is inspiration, produced by leaders’ passion to serve their gift.” So, true leaders do not force their people to follow them. Instead, they take pleasure in serving their gift and the people will follow, because they are not particularly interested in the leaders, but rather in the gift.

When leaders find their passion, they pursue it with perseverance and serve the world with it, and this keeps them humble. “True leaders stay in tune with themselves because their ability to lead depends on their attitude that is derived from their self-image, their self-worth and their self-esteem.”

Real leaders imposed self-discipline; which signifies that they are always improving themselves. Whatever they do in the dark, they can do it in the light. So, when leaders fall in morality, it’s because they have no self-discipline. Once leaders lose that self-discipline, they have no right to discipline anybody else, and they have lost the right to lead.

Therefore, leadership is not a right that leaders demand. It is a privilege that the followers have given them. So, the only device that leaders have to work with is trust. Hence, when politicians violate the trust that the people have bestowed upon them, then their services become null and void.

Joslyn Morton

The Daily Herald

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