Israel should keep attacking all militants to the max

Dear Editor,

Militants are not and are never the natives’ army on behalf of government worldwide.

So, Israel should not stop attacking Hamas and other militants groups.

We, the white and black people, will stand in supporting and protecting the holy land Israel.

Until Hamas gives up the people they have hostage, Israel, please keep attacking Hamas to the max with full force.

We are in favour of the son of Abraham and his wife Sarah, who are Christ’s ancestors, not the son of Abraham with the Arab maid, The world of modernised Arabs must learn to sit around the table towards democracy.

And Arabs should respect international laws at all times. Black nations in Africa will always help protect Israel, the holy land.

Why are so many Arab nations against one Israel territory and the Israelite people, the Jews, in the holy land?

Cuthbert Bannis

The Daily Herald

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