How animals are treated on St. Maarten

Dear Editor,

Animals are badly treated on St. Maarten. Many have no homes or their owners do not care for them. I often see animals starving, they look very thin and sometimes even dead or passed out on the side of roads. Many animals are treated badly or abused by their owners for doing things that any animal would do. Animals do not think like humans but are punished for not thinking like humans. Some animals resort to running from their homes which is one of the many reasons why we have so many strays on the island.

Female strays become pregnant, but when they give birth, their puppies have to fend for themselves when they grow older, or they are taken from their mothers at a young age while the mothers are left on the streets. I thank Animal Defenders for the job they do every day. They rescue animals, and so they rely on donations, and if the donations are not sufficient, the dogs are sent to temporary homes or put to sleep.

I have a rescued dog named Honey, and I am currently fostering another dog named Boiky. Honey was left in the bushes as a puppy. She was very scared and she is always in defense mode when people try to touch her, but on the other hand, she also likes the attention. Boiky was abandoned on my street. Animal Defenders asked my family to foster him until he finds a home.  He is now with us over six months.

These animals do not deserve what they are currently going through. For too long many of us have turned a blind eye to the situation, but if we do not take matters into our hands, the problem will escalate and many dogs will continue to suffer on St. Maarten.

Femi Hodge

Civics Class

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