Did I look in the mirror?

Dear Editor,

  I recently read where someone was of the opinion that the Prime Minister should be aware of what journalism is about all over the world. Let me state this, what is worldwide known is that although they are aware of the fact that leaking is wrong they defend leaking and go against those who try to curtail it, hiding behind “freedom of the press”. Journalists even try to expose whistleblowers.

  Because bad news sells does not give anyone the right to try to cut down others especially with the intention to create sensationalism.

  The Minister of VROMI put the Prime Minister in a situation where she had to choose between the lesser of two evils for the country, while at the same time running the risk of being ridiculed by us. And she was. What I also know is that those who defend the press sooner or later will also be a victim of the pen of the press. If not the printed media, the social media. I mentioned it before and I will repeat it. We, the people, should use that article in which the Prime Minister clearly showed disdain for leaking, as a conversation piece and then should also add her clarification in the October 7 paper.

  I did not believe this could go differently, but our people in government brought this upon us. Those 15 people are the ones who were elected to represent us. They should be able to get together and deliberate to see if whatever is proposed, will be accepted or not.

  Whether they vote in favor of or against does not call for insulting and ridiculing each other. I would think that motivating his/her vote in a mature manner is the way any MP should carry out his/her business of representing the people. I believe that a dignified response is better than hitting below the belt. They are not on a campaign podium, this is the legislative hall and should be respected as such.

  I am aware that limited vocabulary causes ridicule and oftentimes foul language. Parliamentary immunity should not be a substitute for one’s limited knowledge of the subject matter. Being an MP demands preparation and not relying on only voting for or against. It is time enough for this modus operandi to change.

  I believe that “by the sweat of your face thou shall eat bread (Genesis 3;19) which in this case is what it should be. My mother used to remind us that man should not work and dog eat, which is not exactly what is written but we all understood fully well what she meant. We must love our neighbor/fellowmen as we love ourselves not more than ourselves, unless we enjoy our wrongdoing and do the same for our neighbor. To that I say, “Shame on you.”

  Again I will fall back on the lack of Civics education. When one man knows his rights and understands the constitution he is able to take advantage of those who do not know them, but when everybody knows them this creates mutual respect, which in turn creates civil growth and civil growth gives confidence and a confident person is ready to face reality. The next step would be the demand for professionalism in all fields. The end results will be the right man in the right place. Wow.

  All of this can be achieved through civil behavior. It will take time but we are quick learners and don’t we have a lot of overqualified persons who are willing to serve once given their due respect?. National pride does not usually demand money.

Russell A. Simmons