TelEm Group reactivating expired Prepaid customers, adding credit to depleted accounts

   TelEm Group reactivating expired Prepaid  customers, adding credit to depleted accounts

TelEm Group says customers who lost their unused mobile credit during the month of March are getting that credit back for the Month of April – cause for a big smile all around. (stock photo)



POND ISLAND--TelEm Group is helping its prepaid customers whose accounts have expired by restoring their prepaid balance and reactivating their mobile accounts.

  TelEm Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Michiel Parent, said in a press release on Thursday, the one-off deal will put the expired credit back on the pre-paid mobile accounts of TelEm Group customers, many of whom are forced to stay at home because of the current State of Emergency because of the deadly Coronavirus.

  “Any amount of expired credit that prepaid customers had last month is being reactivated so that they can make use of that unused credit once again,” said Parent.

  He said ordinarily, the credit would be lost forever and the pre-paid customer would have had to Top-Up with new credit for the new month.

  “But now, customers can use their TelCell numbers again, but now they have the added comfort of knowing the that the balance they thought they lost last month has come back – just like magic,” said the CCO.

  Parent said prepaid mobile subscribers, whose accounts had expired due to a zero-balance are also being included in the deal. TelEm Group will re-activate these accounts with a US $1 credit, which the subscriber can use to make calls or add additional credit if he/she wishes.

  “Customers do not have to leave their homes to purchase new credit, they can simply go to and purchase credit online,” said Parent. “These are great opportunities all around for our mobile customers to have some additional credit to use in these difficult times,” said Parent.

  He said TelEm Group has taken several initiatives to assist government and the general population with telecommunication services in the middle the coronavirus crisis and this latest initiative is just another way that the company is assisting where it can.