Statia’s COVID-19 cases down to zero

Statia’s COVID-19  cases down to zero

Deputy Government Commissioner Claudia Toet speaking at a function recently.

ST. EUSTATIUS--The number of COVID-19 cases in St. Eustatius has dropped back to zero. The island previously had four positive cases, subsequently reduced to one. The last person who tested positive for the virus has now tested negative, bringing the cases down to zero.

  With no cases on the island, the Statia government urges residents to continue to practise preventative measures and take personal responsibility to protect themselves and their loved ones by social distancing, washing hands frequently and other measures, as COVID-19 is still prevalent in the world.

  The status of several countries has also been updated. The United States is no longer categorised as very high risk. It is now high risk, which means that incoming vaccinated travellers from the USA do not need to test on entry at the Statia airport anymore.

  Other countries whose status has changed are Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, which were downgraded from high risk to low risk; Finland and Luxembourg, which have been upgraded from low risk to high risk; and

Guam, Lesotho, and Singapore, which have gone from high risk to very high risk.