In honour of Governor Holiday, ministers endorse yearly ‘Decoration of Excellence’

In honour of Governor Holiday, ministers  endorse yearly ‘Decoration of Excellence’

Prime minister Silveria Jacobs and Governor Holiday look at the Proclamation.

PHILIPSBURG--On Thursday evening, October 6, at an official farewell reception for outgoing Governor Eugene Holiday, all members of the Council of Ministers (COM) signed a proclamation for the ‘Decoration of Excellence’ to be awarded annually.

  The proclamation reads as follows: “The Council of Ministers acknowledges the tenure of His Excellency, Governor Drs. Eugene B. Holiday, as St. Maarten’s first Governor from October 10, 2010, to October 10, 2022, was one of the important figures in laying the foundation on which we stand.”

  “The Council of Ministers has observed His Excellency’s tenacity for an attitude of excellence and the importance to instil it in our youth, and the community at large.”

  “The Council of Ministers believes that being a great example of leadership and integrity, encouraging resilience in the community enables us to resist, absorb, accommodate, and recover from the effects of any challenge in a timely and effective manner.”

Council of Ministers and Governor Holiday at the official farewell reception.


  “Whereas, in his capacity as Governor of St. Maarten, His Excellency ensured that Excellence formed part and parcel of his tenure.”

  “Whereas, in his capacity as Governor of St. Maarten, he instituted the Governor Symposium with the objective to promote good governance as a pillar for national development and further strengthening of our Country.”

  “Whereas the Governor’s Youth Award for Excellence encourages young people to develop the qualities required to take an active and constructive role in St. Maarten.”

  “Whereas the Council of Ministers would like to thank His Excellency for his tireless support to the people of St. Maarten and his service as our first Governor.”

  “Whereas, His Excellency has firmly set his vision and sight on Sint Maarten as a Center of Excellence in our region.”

  “Whereas, based on the exemplary tenure of His Excellency, the Council of Ministers envisages the establishment of ‘The Governor E.B. Holiday Decoration of Excellence’ to be awarded annually.”

  “The Honour is hereby bestowed on Drs. E.B. Holiday to establish the Rules on ‘The Governor E.B Holiday Decoration of Excellence’ and to create the symbolization thereof with support from the Government of St. Maarten and/or any third party to achieve said goal.”

  “Declared on October 6, 2022, St. Maarten by the Council of Ministers, Cabinet Jacobs II.”

Trumpet players at the farewell reception.


  After the signing of the Proclamation, the Youth Brigade saluted with trumpets and the prime minister concluded this segment with closing remarks while the ministers joined the governor on stage.

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