First Women in Leadership Gala set for Sat. in Belair

First Women in Leadership  Gala set for Sat. in Belair

Speaking at the press conference for the Women in Leadership Gala were (from left) Jamaica MP Lisa Hanna, MP and event organiser Angelique Roumou, and IZ Consulthink CEO Ida Zin Ka Ieu.  (Robert Luckock photo)


COLE BAY--The first Women in Leadership Gala organised by Angelique Romou and A Betta Place Foundation will take place at the Belair Community Centre this coming Saturday, March 18, starting at 7:00pm.

  Present to talk about the event at a press conference Thursday afternoon were National Alliance Member of Parliament (MP) Romou, invited guests and participants Jamaica MP Lisa Hanna in her fourth term and Ida Zin Ka Ieu, CEO of IZ Consulthink and a former French Tourism Office President.

  The event’s primary objective is to empower women and raise funds for young girls to achieve their career goals.

  “I’m a regionalist and I believe the region is stronger together,” said Hanna. “Especially with women in leadership, often they don’t network in the same way as men do and I think that those of us who are in leadership positions, in private or public sectors, there has to be more collaboration across the region to have that kind of cross-pollination for development.

  “Even though we are different in size, geography, demography, everyone wants the same thing for the future of our nations. But the generations coming forward are clear that we need to change things. We have the experience to help younger women who are starting their political journey to not only navigate their way through, but to prevail, because it is not an easy journey.”

  Added Ida Zin Ka Ieu: “As women we need to be more together to share our experiences and be the example to those who are looking up to us. We are pioneers, we achieved our goals when no one thought we were capable of it.”

  Romou said she was very excited about the event. “It’s very encouraging to hear that women want to hear from women in leadership and learn from them. The goal is to empower young girls as well, to believe in themselves and have that dream to go for it. I’m looking forward to seeing all the beautiful women in one room sharing ideas and listening to what others bring to the table.”

  Tables are sold out but there are a few individual tickets left. Men are encouraged to attend the event as well. In addition to the keynote speaker there will two panels, one focusing on political leadership and the other on corporate leadership. One of the speakers will be a young woman from St. Maarten who works for Microsoft as an electrical engineer and she will talk about her experience and journey.

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