Dutch military installs observation posts on Curaçao

Dutch military installs observation posts on Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD--In order to support the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard in maintaining maritime borders, the Dutch military has installed so-called “dynamic observation posts” on Curaçao.

  The observation posts are in both accessible and unapproachable strategic positions on the island. According to the Dutch military, the posts “provide a clear signal to the outside world: do not attempt to land people or illegal material.”

  “Our presence is clearly noticed by residents. Because we are present at different locations, we show that we have a large operating area and that no activities can take place in or around the water without us finding out,” said a commander of one of the observation teams.

  “This support to the Coast Guard is one of the many requests for support that [the Ministry of – Ed.] Defence provides in the Caribbean. For example, the food bank in Aruba is supported, Marines on St. Maarten helped set up an intensive care tent at the hospital, the ARUMIL [Aruba militia] and CURMIL [Curaçao militia] support the Coast Guard in order to maintain maritime borders, and there are medical soldiers who administer to the people of Curaçao with COVID-19 tests.

  “Defence will also deploy the support ship Zr. Ms. Karel Doorman in order to support civil authorities in the coronavirus crisis when the situation demands it. Supporting civil authorities is also one of the three main tasks [of the Dutch military],” said the Dutch military in a press release on Friday.