Chamber submits three projects for France Tourism Engineering 2021

Chamber submits three projects for  France Tourism Engineering 2021

Chamber of Commerce

MARIGOT--The France Tourisme Ingénierie scheme aims to identify strategic projects for St. Martin and provide it with special support to facilitate their emergence or implementation, whether in terms of regulations, finance, legal, technical, or mobilising stakeholders.

  While the Collectivité already selected three projects for the year 2021, the Chamber of Commerce CCISM submitted three projects by March 31 in accordance with the regulations of the call for projects.

  The first project concerns creation of a night market in Marigot, to be held every Friday. This is a project for the territory that is ecologically sustainable in the long term, economically viable and equitable both ethically and socially for the population.

  Its objectives are to allow the people of the territory to rediscover the products of the farms, the artisanal products and the businesses of the zone in a convenient time slot; to implement and enhance the value of local products; revitalise crafts and businesses by animating the downtown area in partnership with the merchants’ associations; and organising a traffic plan.

  The second project concerns development of the small market in Quartier d’Orléans into a bus station, market, craft area and museum. The objectives are to structure the informal activities of the area and create a tourist attraction zone

  The third project concerns the development of the Cul-de-Sac pier to meet the expectations of fishermen by creation of a technical area, catering to local residents through creation of a commercial and artisanal products, offer environmental protection by creation of a treatment plant to process Sargassum algae, cater to tourists and ferry captains by creating a ticket office, and developing the area for commerce and tourism.

  These three projects concern three geographical sectors for the sustainable economic development of St. Martin. They involve associations and socio-professional federations having a direct interest in the realisation of these projects and they include the resident and tourist population in their objectives.

  Through them, CCISM shows that it is able to intervene in a very direct way in the field of economic and tourist development of the territory. It is thus fully exercising its mission to support businesses and their groups, and to promote all sectors of activity.